Beast hunter and important information you need to know

It can be said that the game Monster Hunter has recently successfully caused a storm in the online and social communitiesbookmaker Liên Minh OKVIP.

If you are curious why this service has become so hot, let’s learn about its special advantages.shooting fish game This is in today’s article.


What game is Beast Hunter?

This is a prize fish shooting product produced and released by the supplierSpade Gaming with a unique design and a series of extremely interesting features.

For those who don’t know, this publisher has many different prize-winning fish shooting games, but the most popular game at the moment is Monster Hunter with different content and Impressive bonus rate.

Overall, with its long experience in the rewards industry, Spade Gaming has affirmed its reputation and made the game Monster Hunter have extremely high-quality features, using advanced technology. most today.

The special feature that makes the game Monster Hunter the most outstanding at the present time is definitely the content that does not follow the beaten path.

When players experience it, they will see the scene instead of the usual vast ocean but a forest with a special design.

Here you will hunt animals and animals in the forest, not shoot fish like normal games.

Currently, when users experience the game Beast Hunter, they can see the meticulous investment in each visual effect and each creature in the game.

All because we want users to have the most impressive and enriching experiences when betting.

Detailed and important information you need to know about Beast Hunter

In general, the gameplay of this Monster Hunter game compared to other games of the same genre will not have many differences.

Your main task in the game right from the start is to use various designed features, weapons and shooting modes to shoot down as many animals as possible.

The amount of bonus you receive from this game will depend on your playing experience, shooting skills as well as how hard you work during your experience.

(1) Special features in the game

In addition to regular animals, you can also increase your reward rate more easily if you know how to use special features and weapons in the game such as:

Special items

Turbo Blaster

If you successfully defeat the Turbo Blaster, you will collect an item with powerful combat capabilities, helping to create a gust of wind to defeat animals around its range of action.

Blade Hound

By collecting this type of item, the weapon you use will be upgraded in combat ability, increasing the rate of success in defeating animals more than usual.

Bio Crawler

Defeating this animal, you will be able to collect an item that is capable of emitting a certain amount of toxic gas, and from there, the animals within the range of the toxic gas moving will “fade”, giving you a certain bonus level

Diverse weapons in the game

Besides some special items, there are also some impressive weapons that you can use in parallel while experiencing the game such as:

Thermal Blaze

Successfully activating Thermal Blaze will create an ice screen that will freeze all creatures on the game interface. At this point you can increase the time to defeat those animals.


Creates a large amount of damage when activated and helps the user collect an impressive bonus in a short time.

Rogue Warrior

When activating Rogue Warrior, the system will send small monsters to help you defeat the animals in the interface in a short time, ensuring an absolute reward.

(2) Percentage of rewards that can be received in the Beast Hunter game

In general, the amount of bonus you can receive in the game will depend on your flexibility in the experience as well as each person’s shooting experience.

Below are the specific reward levels for each animal that you can successfully defeat in the game.

  • Mouse x2
  • Lizard x3
  • Rabbit x4
  • Pink fox x5
  • Turtle x6
  • Deer x7
  • Snake x8
  • Monkey x9
  • Sheep x10
  • Blue fox x11
  • Horse x14
  • Zebra x16
  • Wild boar x18
  • Purple panther x20
  • Tiger x25
  • Lion x30 ~ 60
  • Bear x40 ~ 80
  • With you x50 ~ 100
  • Alien monsters x50 ~ 500
  • Turbo Blaster x40
  • Blade Hound x40
  • Bio Crawler x40
  • Alien Invaders x50
  • The Vanquisher x100
  • Hunter Stealth x50
  • Champion Hunter x100
  • Fallen Hunter x100

Instructions on how to play Beast Hunter at Okvip

If you have carefully read the most important information you need to know about this game and feel “sticky” with the game, then start experiencing the game today at Okvip with 4 super simple steps: after:

Step 1: Create an account and deposit money into the system

To fully experience the game as well as have the opportunity to participate in attractive promotional programs from bookmaker Okvip, you must be a member of the game portal.

After successfully registering an account, choose a deposit method that best suits you to have capital to experience the game at first as well as receive new player incentives from bookmaker Okvip.
See : Thể Thao OKVIP

Step 2: Choose a suitable play room

Understanding that each user’s needs and conditions are different, the game system has designed 3 game rooms with 3 diverse bet levels including:

  1. Newbie room with low bets for new users
  2. Regular rooms and average bets are for users with gaming experience
  3. High-class room with heavy bets for experts and long-time players

Choosing the right playing room for you will help you get impressive bonuses along with a comfortable, gentle playing mentality.

Step 3: Choose shot intensity

The intensity of shooting corresponds to the amount of bet you are willing to spend in one shooting session, so you need to think and consider your choice carefully.

Of course, this shooting intensity can change frequently and depending on each situation, but it will be limited by the betting level of the game room.

To change, you just need to click on the plus and minus icons on the weapon interface.

Step 4: Choose the appropriate shooting mode

The shooting mode in the game, when chosen appropriately, will help you successfully defeat the animal quickly as well as optimize the reward rate you can receive.

In this game there are 3 shooting modes you can use such as:

Shoot locked target

This shooting mode allows you to select and lock on any target on the game interface and knock it down until it flies away or leaves the interface.

To activate, you just need to change to target lock mode, select the creature on the game interface and let the system do its job.

Apply this mode when shooting bosses and you will see the special effectiveness of this mode.

Shoot automatically

This shooting mode was created for lazy people or players who do not have too much time to directly interact with the game.

When activated, the system will let you choose up to 5 types of creatures you want to destroy and then the system will automatically search and destroy these animals.

The disadvantage of this mode is that you cannot optimize your reward rate and if you use it for a long time, your animal shooting skills will be worn out.

Shoot normally

This is the default shooting mode in the game, allowing players to easily shoot fish and change shooting direction flexibly.

You can choose this mode if you want to fully experience the Beast Hunter game without being affected too much by the system.

Step 5: Experience the game

Once you have a clear understanding of the game Monster Hunter and are prepared for all conditions, features, weapons, etc., this is the time when you can experience and explore the game world. Unique to Beast Hunter.

4 Tips for playing Unbeatable Beast Hunter that not everyone shares

It can be said that this Monster Hunter game has extremely impressive bonuses if you have experience and optimized gameplay.

However, when you are a new user and do not understand too much about the game, you will still have a way to upgrade the bonus level you receive if you clearly understand the 4 secrets shared here as follows.

(1) Focus on shooting fish in schools

Not only does aiming and shooting fish in schools help you limit the chance of missing shots when shooting when your skills are poor, choosing to shoot with this method when you are lucky also helps you get a higher reward rate.

This is one of the shooting secrets taught by many masters, helping new players quickly increase their reward rate from the first time they experience the game Monster Hunter.

(2) Use flexible firing mode

There are currently 3 shooting modes in the game Monster Hunter and you need to use 3 shooting modes according to different situations to keep the bonus level stable and still feel comfortable when playing as follows:

  • Normal mode: Use when there is no boss, mainly shoot to improve skills
  • Automatic mode: Use when your hands are tired, choose creatures with average reward rates to get high bonuses
  • Locked shooting mode: Only used when shooting bosses because the amount of bullets fired continuously, causing ammo wasting when shooting normal animals

(3) Choose a suitable playroom

Choosing a game room that suits your abilities, financial situation, and playing experience will help you feel more comfortable playing and not be pressured about money.

Of course, you can also flexibly change the game room to your liking as your playing abilities and experience have been upgraded.

(4) Limit boss soloing

Bosses in the game Monster Hunter are quite diverse and have many impressive bonus levels.

However, along with the high reward rate, the boss’s defense level is also very strong, making it very difficult for one person to successfully defeat it.

Therefore, you should only proceed to defeat the boss if the game room has more than 2 people who want to fight the boss. That way you won’t have to spend too much time fighting bosses and still ensure a high reward rate.

Monster hunter is currently one of the games that “lays golden eggs” because the gameplay is both interesting and extremely simple, bringing stable reward rates when played for a long time.

Therefore, if you want to find a game that is both unique and offers many opportunities to win big money, absolutely do not miss this unique animal shooting game from bookmaker Okvip.

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