The best way to play cards today is to win

Tien Len Nam is considered the national game of Vietnamese people that everyone, every family knows. To win this game, you need to have a lot of fighting experience. Here are some good ways to play cards that are shared by bettors, let’s find out together.
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What is the advance lesson?

Tien Len or Tien Len Nam is a Vietnamese folk game that uses a deck of 52 cards. After gradually being introduced to online bookies, it became a game that attracts most bettors today.

This is considered the game with the largest number of people in our country. In this era of advanced technology, everyone can participate anytime, anywhere at any online betting platform. With the rules and how to play that everyone knows and the attractive odds at the bookmakers, why are you still hesitant to join?

Rules for playing Tien Len card game in the South

To be able to participate in this game and apply the methods of playing cards forward or in, we first need to clearly understand its rules as follows:

  • The member in the betting game who runs out of cards first will win, followed by the next person’s turn, and the last person with cards will lose.
  • For the first hand, whoever of the 4 members owns the 3 of spades will play first. The first bet will not be rolled or stolen. In the following games, the person who won the previous game’s bet will go first.
  • As for the turn of cards during play, the member who plays first will have the right to play one or more cards of their choice, such as doubles, triples or straights. The round will be based on a clockwise direction, the participant to the right of the member who just started will play next.
  • The person behind must use a larger force to be able to overpower the opponent in front, otherwise they will have to give up their turn and give it to the next person. After skipping our turn, we have to wait until there are no more players and the new card is passed before we can continue playing. The game will rotate continuously many times, not limited to just 1 round.
  • Continue like this until three out of four players run out of cards and the game ends. The last player will be the last to finish and lose the most money to the first to finish, the second and third will lose the amount corresponding to the odds and rank.

There are also some cases of coming up empty when the player owns one of the following types of cards:

  • 4 two (pig).
  • 2 four quarters.
  • Any 6 pairs.
  • 5, 6 consecutive pairs.
  • 4 sets of 3 identical cards.

Owning one of the above types means you have come up empty and won without having to play any cards. The bonus will now belong to you immediately.

Some good ways to play cards

Tien Tien is a popular national game, but winning easily is definitely impossible. Here are some tips on how to play cards that are often passed on to each other by bettors:

Choose a prime location

Choosing a stable, comfortable position that brings us advantages is also a good way to play cards to move forward like the saying “settle down.” For that reason, a prime location can increase your chances of playing winning cards that you did not expect. So what is the prime location?

Normally in a game there will be a total of 4 people participating. The dealer will deal the cards in a circle. The person who owns 3 spades in the deck will have priority to play first. Therefore, if you choose a seat near the worst player among the 4 opponents, your winning rate will increase.

New or weak players without much experience often play cards based on their emotions. This person often plays small cards and keeps the big cards for the end. Therefore, sitting next to these people will often easily understand their psychology and fighting style and be able to block them.

Grasp players’ psychology

The ancients often say “see the face and catch the image” and applies to this card game quite well. Normally, if they hold good or bad cards, many players often apply “acting” tricks to play on their opponents’ psychology, making it difficult for other players to guess their cards.

However, if the bettor is calm and observant, it will be easy to grasp the position of the game as well as the opponent’s psychology. From there, you will come up with the correct cards to win big prizes.

We need to pay attention to each expression on the opponent’s face. Depending on whether the deck of cards in their hand is good or bad, that person will more or less reveal their true emotions on their face. This is one of the best ways to play cards today.

If their faces show excitement, they are probably holding four of a kind or large cards. On the contrary, if they often frown or shake their heads when holding cards, they are mostly holding small cards or mostly cards. Spam posts are quite disadvantageous.

Remember the lesson

One of the best ways to play cards is to remember cards, but this is not easy for new players. Here are two ways to remember cards that are frequently applied in betting games:
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  • Method 1: Players can remember the cards played in this bet to determine the correct next move. In addition, to use this method we need to remember the original cards we own and have played. A small tip for us to easily remember is from small to large and according to their quality.
  • Method 2: Players can also remember the cards their opponents have laid down. However, memorizing this card will cause more confusion, making it difficult for participants to concentrate. Therefore, you need to focus on memorizing your opponent’s cards when they start to spread the cards and near the end of the betting game.

Memorizing cards will help us minimize the chance of being chopped down and also being able to catch our opponent’s cards. Besides, it also helps participants in the game to make the most accurate and almost perfect calculations, giving themselves a chance to win.

Practice a lot

No one will become a master without going through time and practice. One of the best ways to play cards is to regularly practice many of these games.

Players need to participate in many real matches as well as have many failures to gain experience for themselves. Just like if you own a beautiful deck of cards but don’t know how to play them correctly, it can also lead to losing quite a lot of bets.

Top most reputable Tien Len card players today

Currently on the market there are quite a few bookmakers with a diverse inventory of games. Here are the top 5 most reputable bookmakers playing coin toss today that you can refer to:

Nhà cái uy tín

If you are looking for a paradise to participate in the card game Tien Tien thenbookmaker Nhà cái uy tín is not a bad choice. This is an online betting platform that many bettors love and choose as a stopover to participate in online card games.

Applying 5.0 technology method, this betting site has made Tien Tien card game the most popular game in the hot game rankings of the week here. The upgraded interface is becoming more and more modern, increasing competitiveness with other betting floors.

At the same time, this betting house also favors players by regularly giving away many attractive gifts. During golden hours, you can also hunt for great gift codes. In addition, new players also receive additional capital when depositing for the first time, up to tens of millions of dong.


Considered a big brother in the Asian betting industry, bookmaker W88 has maintained its throne as the number of players participating here continues to increase every day. Therefore, it is not surprising that this house is in the top 5 of the most prestigious Tien Len card bookmakers today.

W88 betting portal owns an extremely diverse game store, the most prominent of which is Tien Len card game. The attraction of Tien Len is not small, so this card game is always at the top of the rankings of the most attractive games.


In order to bring the most realistic gaming moments to the players on the betting floor, Dafabet has invested heavily in beautiful graphics that almost meet HD standards. In addition, the sound system is also carefully considered, constantly changing according to the movements of participants on the floor.

These factors contribute to creating a great reputation for Dafabet betting platform. Coming to this betting site, we will feel like we are joining a real bookmaker in real life, not online.


Bookmaker Fi88 has always been a pioneer in the Vietnamese betting market, contributing to shaping the game over the years. This place has created a solid betting foundation for many people to trust and come to try playing and win gifts.

Among them, Southern Tien Len is the leading trending game on this betting floor. Bookmaker Fi88 has invested in a simple but extremely beautiful interface, making it difficult for you to leave once you come to play here.


Belonging to the top 5 powerful bookmakers in Tien Len card game, Fun88 has attracted millions of visitors every day. With that number, you can understand how hot this game is at bookmaker Fun88. Don’t hesitate to come here and try it again.

One title reward game The nation that stole millions of hearts from players was to move to the South. With experience in how to play Tien Len cards well with reputable bookmakers today, we hope to help you make the best choice for yourself to be able to win more winnings.

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