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Participating in online soccer betting requires you to follow basic steps, and if you do not research carefully in advance, you can easily lose your bet. In addition to instructions on how to start betting online, we also need to learn more experiences when playing adventure sports. Don’t hesitate, read the article below to gain more soccer betting knowledgeBookmaker  New88.com!


What is understood as soccer betting?

Soccer betting means you bet money on a match result that the gambler thinks is correct and you will receive a reward if it is correct. Gamblers can bet on a team winning or losing, on the total number of goals scored in the match or more! Currently, you can participate in soccer betting at many reputable bookmakers!

Online betting method is currently very popular because it brings many benefits. Gamblers can receive great rewards without worrying about revealing personal information. At the same time, bettors can participate in betting anytime, anywhere. If you want to choose betting as a serious job, learn a lot of experience and continuously improve your knowledge!

What popular soccer betting odds are there?

There are many popular soccer betting bets today, but each type will require different knowledge and playing experience. Join us to learn about some bets you shouldn’t miss right below!

Handicap on the ball

Ball handicap is a type of bet applied in matches between two teams with relatively equal strength, thinking and position. It often appears in matches between teams with a history of confrontation that often ends in a draw, or if there is a victory, the difference is usually very small.

Experience when playing this type of bet is that players should bet on the home team. They have a higher chance of winning thanks to their familiarity with the football field and playing conditions.

Over/Under Betting

Betting odds such as Over/Under 1.25, 2.5 all represent the expected number of goals in a match. However, the appearance of these ratios depends not only on the numbers but also on the performance of the two participating teams. It is affected by the playing style of both attacking and defending teams.

A winning strategy when betting on soccer with Over odds is to choose matches where the team attacks strongly. Teams with strong offense and hard work on scoring often create many scoring opportunities in each match. When the strikers play actively, the percentage of goals in the match also increases, giving you a chance to win big.

If players prefer to choose Under odds, choose matches between two mid-range teams on the rankings. Often these teams have a better defensive style of play than attack, helping to keep their goals less vulnerable to penetration.

European Odds

When participating in betting with European odds, the most important thing is to research carefully. Betting experts assert that you should only bet on a team if there are clear signs that they are likely to win. Doing so requires focus and careful analysis to make the right decisions.

An effective soccer betting strategy that many experts recommend is to play shake odds. When using this strategy, you can bet on the result of the second half based on what happened in the first half and the confrontation history of the two teams.

Deep handicap

In matches where the bookmaker offers a handicap of up to 2.0, 2.5 goals, they predict that the handicapped team (upper chance) will win with a minimum difference of 3 goals. When gamblers face such a situation, the betting strategy to always win is to only play matches between the teams at the top of the table (top 4) and the teams at the bottom of the table (red light group).

The team at the top of the table usually has a very high chance of winning by a large margin because they often have an advantageous position and a stronger squad than their opponents. This way, you can increase your chances of winning by betting on a strong team with such a deep handicap.

Instructions on how to bet on soccer online at  New88

Up to now, participating in online soccer betting is a potential form of investment. To begin this betting journey, bettors need to follow some specific steps to ensure that their experience is safe, legal and profitable.
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Step 1: Find a reputable bookmaker to place bets

First of all, choosing a reputable and trustworthy bookmaker is key.  New88 is a time-tested playground, providing a variety of betting services. In addition, they also ensure transparency and safety of personal information and financial transactions.

Step 2: Register or log in to your account

Once you have decided on a bookmaker, creating a betting account is the next important step. Visiting  New88’s homepage, players will see a registration or login section. Fill in all required personal information, note that it needs to be accurate and complete to avoid errors.

Step 3: Deposit money into the soccer betting game lobby

Once the account is created, bettors will need to deposit money into their betting account. Bookmakers often offer many deposit methods such as bank transfer, using credit cards or even via e-wallets. Be sure to check the policies and transaction fees related to deposits.

Step 4: Play soccer betting

Once your account has been fully funded, you can participate in soccer betting. Visit the “Sports” section on the  New88 bookmaker’s website, you will see a list of tournaments and matches taking place. Here, bettors can choose the match you are interested in and select types of bets such as Asian odds, Over/Under soccer betting odds,…

Step 5: Manage budget

Managing your budget and applying betting strategies is an important factor in maintaining stability and achieving profits. Don’t rush to bet a large amount of money on a single match. Determine a reasonable odds and make assumptions about possible risks.

Instructions for downloading the  New88 soccer betting app

Currently, this soccer betting app is used on both IOS and Android platforms. So what is the way to download on these 2 platforms?

On IOS platform

The latest iPhone versions, running the iOS operating system, are constantly updated for better compatibility with the  New88 bookmaker’s application. More and more people choose to download the  New88 app on iPhone to experience online betting services conveniently.

However, to download the  New88 application on iPhone, you cannot simply search for it on the App Store. Below are detailed instructions on how to download the  New88 app on iOS. Note that the latest version of the app supports devices from iPhone 6 and above and iOS 11.0 and above:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website and select the orange download icon at the top of the home page.
  • Step 2: Select “Download app on iOS” and click “Install” to begin the process of downloading the app to your personal mobile device.
  • Step 3: After the application installation process is complete, go to Settings => General settings => Manage VPN & device configuration. Here, you will see the  New88 bookmaker application configuration that you just downloaded. Select “Trust” for the application to work
  • Step 4: Return to the main screen, log in to the application and start participating in interesting online betting services at  New88.

On the Android platform

Unlike the requirements on the iOS operating system, downloading the  New88 application on Android devices is easier and compatible with most phones. To start downloading the  New88 app on Android devices, follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website, select the download icon, similar to the previous instructions.
  • Step 2: Select “Download application on Android” and wait for the download process to complete. Then, open the downloaded APK file and select “Install”.
  • Step 3: After the installation process is complete, open the application and log in to your account to check if the application works properly. If there are no problems, the application installation was successful.

Super good soccer betting tips

In addition to mastering the knowledge of each different type of bet, players should also understand and master some effective soccer betting experiences. Let’s join  New88 to learn some unbeaten soccer betting experiences from many experts!

Manage bets effectively

To keep betting safe and ensure victory, please follow strict betting rules. To illustrate, if the player chooses the right door, the win rate is 70%, placing the correct bet amount will increase the win rate to 90%.

Most importantly, you need to have an overview of betting and managing your budget. A useful strategy is to increase the bet gradually, which means that after each win you increase the bet a little.

For example, if you win the first match, the bettor can increase the bet amount by half on the next match. Doing so can increase your chances of winning and minimize your losses if you lose. Remember, research carefully before placing a bet, then apply this strategy when playing.


  • Don’t bet twice as much on the next match as on the previous match.
  • Using a betting unit system like 1-3-2-6 or 1-3-2-4 means increasing your bet by this number sequence after each win and returning to the starting level if you lose.
  • Please limit betting to a maximum of 2 matches per match and limit the number of bets per day. The best number is 3 matches per day.
  • Always keep a portion of your capital and do not put all of it. Keep 50-70% of the money you have for each bet.

Don’t bet your money on the crowd

Why not follow the crowd when betting? Experience has shown that following the crowd makes it easier for you to fall into the house’s traps. Instead of going by numbers, maintain your personal opinion and bet in the smartest way.

If you are a long-time bettor, you may have realized this from personal experience. In a competitive betting market, not all but some bookmakers will intentionally cheat and change the results. The house deliberately creates a virtual number of players to lure those who are easy to lure into the trap they create.

But why should we avoid following the crowd? Simply, the bookies do not want the “burden” from whichever side has the higher betting odds. If the majority of players and everyone bets on a certain bet, the house will have to adjust the odds to reduce losses.

Choose the appropriate bet

When starting to bet, reading the odds and choosing the bet plays an equally important role. Don’t forget that the house owns a team of betting analysis experts. They work day and night to make accurate predictions, the accuracy can be up to 80%. Understanding how bookmakers evaluate a match can help bettors place bets confidently and reliably.

Below are some important suggestions for you in looking at soccer betting odds:

  • If a strong team has to play on the opponent’s field, but the strength difference is not too much, you should pay attention to the 1/2 – 1 handicap bet. In this case, choosing the under bet has a high chance of winning. than.
  • If two teams have equal strength, choose the away team if given a handicap. The reason is that the away team will usually try harder to win at least one point from away field. This increases your chances of winning.

Maintain your mentality when playing soccer betting

An effective way to bet on soccer is to maintain optimism and persevere with the initial strategy. Many players fail because they cannot keep calm, easily panic and change tactics when faced with difficulties, leading to unnecessary losses.

For new players, understanding and accurately evaluating how to bet and analyze odds takes time. Therefore, be patient, adhere to the previously chosen tactics. It will help bettors avoid unnecessary losses and increase their chances of success.

Don’t be too greedy

One of the big mistakes that bettors often make is greed. When they win a little, they want to win more, and when they lose, they want to win back. They fall into this bad habit and cannot escape the spiral of self-destruction.

To avoid falling into this situation, the most important thing is to set a specific goal and build a betting plan based on your expectations. Bettors need to accept both winning and losing realistically.

Especially, on days when you feel unlucky and constantly fail, don’t hesitate to stop and let your mind become more alert. Take the time to self-assess where you went wrong in your analysis and adjust your strategy intelligently. This way, you not only learn from your mistakes but also become more decisive in the betting process.


This article is already too long, our editorial board would like to say more but conditions do not allow it. We want to summarize that in soccer betting, in addition to the element of luck, your situation analysis skills affect many results. So try to practice and play right away at  New88!

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