Spin the American Women’s Squad Slot – Explode the Hottest Jackpot of 2023

Spin the beauty squad slot Although it is also a prize hunting game like many other games. However, this interesting game still gives players a special attraction. Especially when playing unique games and having the opportunity to make money and become a tycoon quickly. If you don’t know about this unique pot popping game, let’s join Nhà cái New88 Find out details in the article.


What is the beauty squad slot game?

Among the games in the prize hunting genre, the beauty squad is an increasingly famous name. This is one of the betting games that always ranks high in many prestigious rankings lists. The game version is designed with a modern, romantic character, mixed with a bit of ancient colors.

Reason helps Spin the beauty squad slot The most popular is because of the beautiful, hot girl interface that attracts the attention of all men. Of course, the key point is still the super high betting odds.

Just by performing a few betting operations, gamers have the opportunity to receive a bonus of up to several hundred million dong. The motivation to become a millionaire will definitely help slot enthusiasts participate as quickly as possible.

Detailed instructions for spinning the beauty squad slot at New88

The game “Beautiful Lady Squad” has simple gameplay, quite easy for all bettors to quickly join the game. Below, the New88 portal will provide complete instructions on all the information to play the game of 100% victory.

Detailed game rules

This game has strict rules, in which bettors can freely bet at many different levels. Based on your ability and financial capacity, you can bet from 1K, 10K or 200K and 500K. This bet level corresponds to an extremely generous bonus coin that will be paid immediately by the playground if you win.

Spin the beauty squad slot There are a total of 20 different reward lines. Bonus levels depend on the gamer’s luck. If you’re lucky, you can bet on the pot and win a huge jackpot.

To play this jackpot game is extremely simple, bettors just need to choose the level they want to bet on and then spin the jackpot and wait until the rotation stops. The system will rely on the results displayed on the screen to compare with the player’s choices. If it matches the specified number of symbols, the gamer will quickly be paid a bonus.

Rules for spinning the beauty squad slot

To receive the reward, you need to spin the symbols in the first column on the right that are the same as the symbols on the left. Special symbols will receive separate gifts as the system specifically informs bettors.

The designed beauty squad interface will include 5 vertical columns and 3 horizontal rows. The results of the game will be considered from the first box to pay the correct odds to the bettor.

Basically, the beauty squad slot game will use the bonus calculation method by: The bet value of 1 line multiplied by the bonus multiplier along with the number of lines that will be paid. In case the bettor is lucky enough to spin many straight lines, his winnings will be accumulated to return the prize to his pocket.

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Free spins

One thing that players cannot ignore in the title “Beauty Squad” is the opportunity to receive free spins. Each spin will bring you many valuable and unique gifts.

If you own any Scatter symbols, you will receive additional rounds Spin the beauty squad slot free of charge. More specifically, you can note that:

  • Every 2 Scatter symbols = 1 free spin + 1 beauty.
  • Every 3 Scatter symbols = 1 free spin + 1 female hat in the hottest list.
  • Every 4 Scatter symbols = 1 free spin + 1 super beauty.
  • Every 5 Scatter symbols = 1 free spin + 1 super hot beauty.

The more Scatter symbols you get, the higher your chances of receiving valuable rewards.

Special symbol when spinning the beauty squad slot

Special symbols in the game give players many opportunities to hunt for much more generous rewards. If you join the beauty squad, bettors should definitely not ignore the following special symbols:

  • Wild: This is an icon displaying extremely beautiful and hot beauties. If this symbol appears, the participant can immediately change to any other desired symbol.

In case the Wild appears in the first 2 lines, the player will have the first identical symbol. If the last line appears, it means the player has won.

  • Bonus: This is the symbol that represents the sign of preparing to explode the pot successfully that you are waiting for. If the bonus symbol appears in all 3 columns, the gamer can participate in the side game. From there, it’s easy to choose to explode the jar or choose an interesting beauty.

So New88 has helped all of you understand the game better Spin the beauty squad slot full of attraction. If you haven’t tried this top betting game yet, players should register hereNew88.today To experience endless fun right away and have the opportunity to explode the pot with lots of winnings!

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