What are shake bets? The most accurate soccer betting guide

For those wondering what soccer shake betting is, this is a form of betting. Flutter bets are a popular type of bet and are often mentioned in major tournaments today. Unlike regular bets, playing shake bets requires players to really understand the rules of the game and know how to judge. match and have a strong mentality. So what is flutter betting? And how to bet most accurately? Let’s join Nhà cái new88 Learn more through the article below.


What are shake bets?

Running Ball’s English name is Running Ball. This is a type of bet that is played while the match is taking place. This type of bet is usually only effective for a certain period of time in the match. If you hesitate in the bookmaker’s odds table for 2-5 minutes, you will miss the opportunity to place a bet. So when choosing to bet on shake bets, players need to quickly place their bets immediately.

When did shaking bets in football start?

In a 90 minute match, shaking bets will start from the moment the referee blows the opening whistle and end when the match ends. That is, if the ball is still rolling, you can still place a bet. The types of shake bets also correspond to traditional football bets such as shake over/under, shake penalty cards, shake corners… You can easily bet on the type of bet you like.

Flutter bets include the injury time minutes of the first and second half. Only when the ball does not roll and the match ends can you no longer bet on this type of bet. Therefore, in order not to miss any developments, you need to follow the entire match.

The most accurate guide to participating in soccer betting

The right time to bet on vibrations

  • If you play over, you should choose to start at the beginning of Half 1 and 2 of the match. This is the time when both teams are at full strength and most focused on the match. If you have a handicap, you should just wait until the end of the round.
  • Betting on the first half, you only need to rely on the confrontation history and match assessment to make a decision. You can completely see this information on the match odds table.
  • As for betting on the 2nd Half, it should be noted that if you do not see any matches betting on the 1st Half, you should bet on the 2nd Half immediately.

Which tournaments should you bet on soccer?

The advice is to choose to catch matches of medium and large tournaments such as C1, Euro, World cup, or the top 5 world championships. Because such tournaments often have many unexpected developments, they can sometimes be very beneficial.

Some small notes:

  • You should not choose matches of small teams with few followers.
  • Should not participate in U21 matches and friendly matches.
  • You should not place shaky bets on matches with teams ranked 3 – 5.
  • You should look through the History and evaluate the match before betting.
  • You should choose matches with a handicap of 0.75, 0.5 or 0.25.

Instructions on how to bet on soccer

First: the betting odds of the bookmakers are not the same. The time for accepting bets is also completely different. Therefore, it is necessary to learn carefully about the betting site you are betting on to be able to place the right bet at the right time.

Second, betting on shaky bets is very easy to be rejected by the house. The main reason given is that the result of the match is absolutely not absolute. So if you have determined that the direction of the match is in your favor, don’t think too much and place a bet right away. Whether you accept it or not is up to the dealer. If it’s fast, it’s instant, but if it’s long, it takes 10 seconds or more.

And finally, the betting terms and regulations are also very important, so you should find out first. If you have any questions, ask support immediately. And if cases occur, the bet will be canceled. You should not be too impatient because the nature of shaking bets is like that.

If you want to place an over/under bet while a match is taking place. Please note that over/under when the ball rolls and over/under when the ball has not rolled have completely different calculations. The following example will help everyone see more clearly:

The current score is 0 – 1 and the over/under odds are 1.5. It mean:

  • If you bet over, if the match has 2 more goals, the bet wins.
  • If you bet under, the match is only allowed to have 1 more goal to win money.

For vibrato, it doesn’t matter how many goals the match has or when it took place. Only when the bet is successful will the bet actually begin. Besides, corner odds and penalty cards are also calculated in the same way.
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Betting vibrating HT

Vibrating HT will be divided into 2 cases:

  • If the match is a scoreless draw, the Asian handicap may not drop immediately but will decrease slowly over about 10 minutes, you need to wait patiently. European odds probably won’t change too much. However, with 0 – 0 draws where the HT over/under odds change too much, you need to avoid playing these matches.
  • Matches with goals scored: if the match has the favorite team taking the lead, when checking, you see that the handicap remains unchanged, so you can safely choose the favorite team. However, if the underdog team takes the lead, you should choose the upper bet if the underdog is fluctuating strongly and is not safe.

With other score cases, you need to pay close attention to the situations and pace of the match to make the most appropriate decision.

Some effective ways to bet on soccer with high winning rates

  • When placing shake bets, you need to carefully monitor all developments and situations of the match. Sometimes, just one penalty card or one substitution can decide the match situation. Please observe carefully so as not to miss any situation, even the smallest.
  • Towards the end of the match, the shaking odds change more drastically. This is also the time when it is easier to bet and win. So if you feel confident, you should bet at this time to earn huge profits.
  • When betting on the first half, you only need to pay attention to the confrontation history and playing style of the two teams. Because many teams often play tentatively and show very little strength in the first half of the match. You just need to pay attention to the two factors mentioned above and you can easily bet on the first half.
  • And to bet on the second half, you need to carefully observe the match and the substitution situation of both teams.
  • New players can bet on the odds and the time at the beginning of each round. This is when the odds are less volatile and easiest to grasp. However, at this time the betting odds will usually not be high.


In short, soccer betting is a relatively attractive type of bet but not easy to play or win. Therefore, even though there is a high winning rate, this type of bet still makes many people afraid. So you need to understand the rules of the game and how to bet first. Think carefully before betting if you want to win. And don’t forget to prepare a good mentality before each match and when betting on this type of bet.

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