What is Asian Handicap? The most popular Asian odds

What is Asian Handicap?? What popular Asian odds are there? is something many people are concerned about. Do you find that the odds of this type of bet are too diverse? And that makes people feel confused about which type of bet to choose.
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What is Asian Handicap?

Asian Handicap Currently also known as handicap, Handicap or Macau handicap. The reason this type of odds is called Asian odds is because it is most popular in the Asian market. With Asian handicap, players will evaluate the correlation in strength and force of the two teams.

LIVEAsian handicap, people will only count the results in 90 minutes of play and overtime. However, extra time will not be counted. Among the types of soccer betting odds, Asian odds are the main type of bet. And based on this type of bet, people use it as a basis to calculate over/under bets, corner kick bets or penalty card bets.

Popular Asian odds

Currently,Asian handicap There are many different ratios. Specifically:

What is Asian handicap (0 balls)?

This is a type of bet that is offered when the bookmaker believes that both teams have equal strength. This bet is considered quite similar toEuropean odds. Players just need to make a decision about which team wins and which team loses.

Half ball bet (0.25 balls)

The next type of bet you need to pay attention to after learning about itAsian handicap What it is is the half ball bet. This type of bet is offered when the house evaluates the upper to handicap the lower at a ratio of 0.25. With this type of half-ball bet, the player bets on the upper team to win if the lower team wins and vice versa. In case the match result is a draw, you lose half your money.

What is the Asian half-handicap (0.5 left)?

Asian Handicap The next thing that many people are interested in is the half-left handicap. This is the type of bet where the house evaluates the upper hand to be half the left of the lower hand. Players who bet on the underdog team will win when the underdog team wins. If the upper team loses to the lower team or the two teams tie, the player bets on the upper team to lose.

Half-one handicap (0.75 left)

This is kind ofbetting odds The bookie believes that the upper team will accept the lower team by 0.75 points. Thus, players who bet on the favorite team will only win when the favorite team wins by 2 goals or more. In case the upper team beats the lower team by 1 goal, they will only win half the money. In case the upper team loses to the lower team or the two teams tie, the bettor on the upper team loses.

Handicap 1 goal

OneAsian handicap Another thing that everyone needs to pay attention to is the 1-goal handicap. The player who bets on the upper bet will win when the upper team wins by 2 or more goals from the lower team. When the upper team wins by 1 goal against the lower team, it is considered a draw. If the upper team loses to the lower team, the player loses money.
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What is an effective way to play Asian handicap?

After learnAsian handicap What is it, everyone should take the time to learn about the most effective ways to play Asian handicap. Specifically:

Check odds at reputable websites and forums

First experience for every playerAsian handicap is betting on reputable websites and forums. With reputable websites, playing soccer betting will have a higher winning rate. The reason is because updated information is always the most accurate information. At the same time, players can also learn valuable experiences and tips.

Choose odds based on volatility

When playing soccer betting withAsian handicap, you should choose bets according to fluctuations. Because bookmakers often make changes to the odds. It is possible that the odds will be changed from 0.5 to 0 but the bet amount may increase, etc. Players need to pay special attention. However, you should also be careful to avoid the traps offered by some bookmakers.

Choose odds

Choosing wise odds is also a very important secret. Although the bookmaker offers many odds, you need to choose the odds that suit your knowledge. Besides, when betting, players should also pay attention to choosing the bet level to suit their economic conditions and capital sources.

Above is detailed information for everyone to refer toAsian handicap What is that. Hopefully the above sharing will be the most useful information for those who are passionate about soccer betting. And if you are wondering which house to choose, don’t miss it New88.

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