WWE Immortals APK V2.6.3 – Download Latest Version

WWE Immortals APK
WWE Immortals APK
Application NameWWE Immortals APK
CategoryRole Playing Game
Latest Version2.6.3
File Size42.3 MB
AuthorNetherRealm Studios
File NameWWE-immortals.apk
Minimum Android RequirementsAndroid 4.0
Uploaded On26-September-2020
WWE Immortals APK
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WWE Immortals APK V2.6.3 For Android – Download Latest Version. WWE Immortals APK is one of the most-played Android games in the world, as we all know. WWE is everything we can think of when it comes to wrestling, and it is a favorite of all wrestling fans worldwide.

Numerous games that are based on WWE allow you to play alongside those illustrious characters. Here, we’re discussing WWE Immortals, the most fantastic and well-liked WWE fighting game. The incredible fighting game that you’re playing was created by the Warner Bros. International Ent Company.

WWE Immortals APK is a fantastic fighting game where you may play as all the well-known and illustrious WWE wrestlers. You will be able to select among the incredible fighters and WWE wrestlers you have always wanted to compete with.

There is a tonne of fantastic elements here as well, which contribute to the supreme gaming experience. There will also be an online mode, allowing you to play with friends online or by yourself. It has been created in such a way that players won’t experience any difficulties while using a mobile device to play.

The game creates a beautiful environment by fusing action and combat. It contains a few elements that will please wrestling aficionados. There are several prominent wrestler characters introduced in the game. The Rock, the Bella Twins, John Cena, The Undertaker, and many other well-known figures may be found in the game.

Each character is capable of using their particular character’s signature move. Players can simply maneuver the character by swiping or tapping the screen in order to execute the moves or combo. The wrestling characters in this game each have their own distinctive attire.

It could be boring to fight alongside wrestler characters. WWE Immortals APK for Android hence increases their strength by making the characters superstars with superpowers. Now, each of them has a unique talent. Depending on the persona, the superpower may vary.

A superpower is capable of using lethal force against an adversary. Leveling up also makes it feasible to upgrade the character. Players need to prevail in 3-on-3 battles in order to advance in level. Players can choose to fight against other players if they get tired of fighting against AI.

As a combat and action game, this one is regarded as having the best graphics available. Every fighting scene is made more realistic by the excellent graphics on it.


WWE Immortals APK Features

It features excellent animation in addition to realistic detail. Once they use their superpower, animation with special effects can be seen. The game is surprisingly entertaining on a tablet or smaller phone screen despite being incredibly detailed.

Game WWE Immortals APK Has Excellent Graphics

WWE Immortals APK is quite remarkable in terms of graphical quality. You can enjoy playing the game on your device thanks to the excellent 3D graphics. Playing action games is intriguing and entertaining because of the realistic graphics. Excellent graphics may be seen in all of the characters, players, rings, and locales. Older devices won’t be able to play this game correctly due to the high-quality graphics. You can therefore choose to scale down the images. You may still appreciate the stunning aesthetics in this game even if the graphics quality is down for performance.

Excellent game controls

The fighting game demands a high level of dexterity. The majority of action games have poor controls. People stop playing the game because the controls are too challenging. I’ve observed players employing third-party controllers when playing video games. Fortunately, WWE Immortals APK Obb has superb gaming controls. Regardless of how big your smartphone is, the control settings are always close at hand. You can effortlessly control the characters and defeat other players thanks to the fantastic gaming controls.

Activate all character

WWE Immortals is a brand-new game that offers a distinctive battling experience. Your preferred WWE fighter has been changed into a beast with exceptional abilities thanks to the game. Every character has a special ability of their own, including giants, witches, fire-breathing dragons, and more. However, in order to use their skills, you must first unlock them all with the limitless cash provided by the WWE Immortal MOD APK that you acquired from the link provided below.

Numerous Interesting Places

Since this is a combat game, the locations where you battle also significantly improve your gameplay experience. Consequently, there are many genuine and appealing places in this game. Every battle transports you to a different location where you can battle your opponents while taking in a magnificent perspective of the arena.

Selection of the Roster

The first WWE roster had several renowned athletes. In WWE Immortals’ most recent APK update, you won’t miss those iconic players. John Cena, Ray Mysterio, The Rock, Rhonda Lousy, The Undertaker, Goldberg, and many others will be there.

You’ll find hundreds of well-known players from throughout the world in addition to these renowned athletes. Therefore, you need not bother about player selection. Any of the players can be chosen, and you can play the game as that person.

Superstar Classes

The superstar classes are available while using the WWE Immortals limitless APK. The six superstar classes, each with unique traits and fighting capabilities, have been unveiled by the developers. The six superstar classes are BRAWLER, HIGH FLYER, POWERHOUSE, TECHNICIAN, WILDCARD, and SHOWMAN.

The first class is Brawler, while the final and strongest class is Showman. To advance to the higher classes, you must train WWE combatants and prevail in competitions. A roster made up of players from various classes is possible. In essence, every player in every class has unique physical characteristics as well as a range of fighting skills.

Multiplayer Mode

Do you enjoy playing online with your friends? Or prefer experienced gamers to AI-assisted bots? Well, the multiplayer feature is included in the WWE Immortals APK+OBB Download. The new multiplayer option, known as “versus,” enables you to compete against other gamers.

You can match up with another player that has a comparable skill set or invite your buddies to a fight. You have the option to play alone or with pals by assembling a legendary character squad. It’s one of the game’s most well-liked modes. The multiplayer mode is designed to showcase talents and improve gaming, while the offline option is excellent for practice.

WWE Immortals APK Screenshots

WWE Immortals APK
WWE Immortals APK
WWE Immortals APK

Characteristics of WWE Immortals APK

Environments with a lot of detail

The environments in this game are incredibly detailed and realistic. You will have the chance to compete in some of the most recognizable arenas, such as the well-known WrestleMania. Also excellent are the lighting and particle effects.

Characters that are real

You’ll encounter chiseled heroes who look like their real-life equivalents. The fact that each character has their own special combat techniques, signature moves, and super abilities is the finest part. Use the appropriate character in each context at all times.

Playing an action-packed game

This game’s action-packed gameplay will keep you riveted to your screen. WWE Immortals never has a dull moment. You may also see some of the most recognizable WWE moments unfold between matches.

Many options for clothing and customization

You may customize your characters in this game, which adds to its appeal. To create a distinctive style, you can alter their appearance and attire. By doing so, you may customize your experiences and increase the fun factor of the game.

High-Volume Matches

In WWE Immortals, no two matches are ever the same. This is due to the game’s highly dynamic battles, which frequently include unexpected twists and turns. For instance, throughout a match, the arenas could shift and brand-new items could arrive.

WWE Immortals APK MOD Unlocked All Characters

Only a few characters will be available to you initially. But as soon as you download this version, every character will be available right away. You don’t need to initially acquire credits in order to use anyone.

No Ads

All of the game’s advertisements will be eliminated with the free WWE Immortals MOD APK download. By doing this, pop-ups won’t distract you from the action and you can concentrate.

Gameplay that is generously rewarding. It won’t be simple to defeat your adversaries. When it comes to awards, the game is pretty liberal. Your efforts will be swiftly forgotten once you receive the rewards.

Systems for Authentic Sound. The game’s authentic sound system adds to the immersion of the experience. As you fight, you can hear the crowd encouraging you on and the characters moaning as they use their distinctive moves. Every character also has a distinct entrance theme.

Latest Version of WWE Immortals MOD APK Download

WWE Immortals MOD APK 2022 should be downloaded if you wish to advance more quickly. There are many intriguing elements included in this edition of the game, including:

WWE Immortals Unlimited Platinum MOD APK. The Platinum virtual money is used in the game. This cash is required to both purchase new characters and upgrades current ones. Fortunately, there will be an endless supply of it in this MOD version.

Reviews of WWE Immortals APK

An internet user

It is entertaining, but it occupies a lot of room. The only two things I truly would add if I could are the option to actually build a superstar, the amount of download space needed to play the game, and adding Divas to it.

The game features a range of superstars, each with extremely distinctive movesets, and is, in my opinion, an all-around good game. Additionally, the graphics are passable—not the finest, not the worst, but I suppose that’s to be expected.


I find the arcade-style moves and a large number of superstars to be quite enjoyable. I also think the graphics are rather nice.

I could play the game for hours without getting bored because there are so many things to do, including real WWE events like Raw or Smackdown as well as pay-per-view events like the Royal Rumble or Extreme Rules.

One of the best WWE mobile games available. You should also include an audience since that would be really cool and a game mode for exhibitions because that would be fantastic.

How to Download and Install WWE Immortals APK?

  • First, download the file from the above-provided link.
  • Now download File Manager (If you have another File Manager application then you can skip this step).
  • Open the File Manager application and find the file named WWE-immortals.apk.
  • Open File and Click on the install button.

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