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TM WhatsApp APK
TM WhatsApp APK


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Updated on8 October 2022
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TM WhatsApp APK
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TM WhatsApp APK

TM WhatsApp APK is a popular WhatsApp Modification (TM WhatsApp). The application is an alternative to the standard WhatsApp. Unlike the normal original WhatsApp, the app provides access to extraordinary capabilities such as hiding WhatsApp status, blue ticks, and others.

Everyone in this world desires relationships with others. And for this reason, people are always on the lookout for a mobile application that offers the best features.

Are you looking for a modified TM WhatsApp APK with features such as reply scheduling, hiding blue or double ticks, seeing deleted messages, and more? TM Whatsapp APK is the best way to access all of the incredible WhatsApp mod features in one location.

Therefore, by reading this, you must have heard a great deal about this incredible WhatsApp Mod and its beautiful features. This article offers the application’s direct download link. Download the most recent version of WhatsApp from this website and enjoy chatting with your loved ones. Check out yowhatsapp or Fouad WhatsApp if you want to try out further WhatsApp modifications. Check out the GB Whatsapp app for additional advanced Whatsapp capabilities.

Additionally, the apps are under 45.84 MB in size, which is doable for an Android version. This is one of the greatest Whatsapp alternatives, completely legal and secure to download and install on your Android or iOS device.

What is the TM WhatsApp APK?

TM in TM Whatsapp apk stands for Titus Mukisa, the creator of this application. WhatsApp, which can be downloaded through the Google Play Store, lacks features such as theme customization and longer status updates.

There are numerous mind-blowing features in TM Whatsapp that you may not discover in any other WhatsApp mod program. In the most recent version of WhatsApp, users can download status updates with a single click. No longer must you request that others send their WhatsApp status. Typically, WhatsApp statuses only persist for 24 hours, however, with TM Whatsapp, they persist for up to 36 hours.

If you wish to conceal the observed message sent blue tick or double tick, TM WhatsApp can assist you. Go to the TM Whatsapp settings to find a wide variety of modified features that are not available on WhatsApp.

TM WhatsApp’s privacy settings offer a variety of options, from hiding your message read to hiding your status read. In general, TM Whatsapp is one of the greatest Whatsapp mod apk.

This application contains a variety of useful features and tools. Some of its features are derived from the official WhatsApp, while others are entirely original.

This application sought to provide its users with complete and simple control. Several of its more prominent aspects are listed below.

Features of the TM WhatsApp APK

Multiple Contacts

Send several messages to multiple contacts. This program allows you to send a single message as a forward to several contacts without the forward tag appearing at the top of the message.

Add an infinite number of people to the group

In WhatsApp Normal, you can only add 512 members to a group. In the most recent version, the group limit has been increased from 256 to 512, as an increasing number of users deleted the Google Play Store version of WhatsApp and downloaded TM WhatsApp on their handsets. If you create a WhatsApp group, you have the ability to add an infinite number of members.

Personalized Themes

Multiple theme libraries have been included. Use any theme as a background or alter the application’s UI by picking any theme.

Privacy Protection

Privacy is the primary focus of the application. Share your status with only specific contacts. You can also mute the status of a certain user if you do not wish to receive his updates.

Share up to 7 minutes of video status updates

Whatsapp only permits users to transmit 30-second video status updates. If the video is lengthy, it will be divided into many 30-second video statuses.

But if you don’t want your movies to be clipped or broken into short lengths and you want to share a longer version of the video with the same status, then you can download TM WhatsApp APK and make use of this amazing function.

Display a Blue checkmark following a reply

You can now choose when to display a blue tick. The majority of the time, we are busy or unwilling to respond to messages, but we do notice them.

If we do not answer to them at such a moment, the relationship will be severed or they will become upset, especially if they are your parents, relatives, or boss. Because of this, TM Whatsapp APK allows you to hide the blue checkmark until you reply to the person.

Delete text messages and phone calls for up to three days

In the most recent versions of WhatsApp, you can only erase a message for both parties after 5 hours. Sometimes we wish to remove a message, but WhatsApp does not provide the option to delete it for everyone.

When we cross the deletion for everyone’s markup time, it may be quite frustrating. However, you no longer need to fear as you may now delete WhatsApp communications for both parties for up to three days.

Delete Forward Tags

You can forward any communication from contact to your contacts while eliminating the ‘Forward’ tag. You can simultaneously send your message to an unlimited number of individuals.

Automatic Response

It can automatically respond to incoming messages. You will no longer need to open the chat and respond to each message separately.

Hide Discussion

Hide your chat from the application’s notification area and home screen. If you do not wish to get the alert, then

Send Audio

As with other modified versions of WhatsApp, the maximum size of audio files that can be shared will be restricted to a few megabytes. With Tm WhatsApp, you can send up to 100 MB of audio.

Send Images

You will no longer be limited to sharing 30 photos at once. Share nearly 100 images simultaneously with various connections.

Send Documents

You can share papers with your contact friends by selecting more than one hundred documents at once.

Long status

You no longer need to publish your status every 30 seconds; you can now share your status every 7 minutes.

Long Message

As there is a limit on the length of text messages in official and other Modded versions of WhatsApp, you will be able to enter more than 250 characters in a single status and message with this WhatsApp.

Copy Status

Directly copy the text of any friend’s status coupled with the ability to directly download the video image from the status without the use of a third-party program.

Integrated VPN

A built-in VPN enables us to connect to the official servers of apps that are restricted in our nation or region. There is no need to download a third-party VPN for this reason; simply open and connect to the desired server with a single click.


This application’s user interface is comparable to the UI of Red WhatsApp and requires no technical knowledge to operate.

App Icon

In addition, you can change the color of your WhatsApp icon to any color of your choosing, such as blue, black, or red, which is not possible with standard WhatsApp.

Schedule WhatsApp messages

If you are prone to forgetting appointments or deadlines, you can schedule messages to wish your loved ones a happy birthday or send other critical alerts that you would otherwise forget.

Run two WhatsApp simultaneously

Unlike standard WhatsApp, which prohibits running two applications simultaneously, TM WhatsApp allows you to run both apps concurrently. This will allow you to easily toggle between your great features.

There are numerous capabilities with TM WhatsApp, but not with Green WhatsApp. Below is a comprehensive list of TM WhatsApp’s capabilities.

TM WhatsApp Vs Other WhatsApp Mods

Comparing TM WhatsApp to other WhatsApp Mods, such as GB WhatsApp and others, there is no difference in terms of functionality.

However, today we will compare the characteristics of TM WhatsApp to those of popular mods such as GB WhatsApp.


Ad-supported applications require a great deal of bandwidth or data. Unlike other modifications, TM WhatsApp is completely ad-free, saving you more than 45 percent of your mobile data bundles (MBS) when operating the application.

Smooth and Rapid

TM WhatsApp is marginally more rapid than alternative WhatsApp Mods. All of the code was rewritten, making it smoother and faster than ever before.

Extended Expiration Date

TM WhatsApp now has the longest expiration period compared to other modifications that require weekly updates.

In addition, the developer frequently updates the application, and you can always get the most recent version of TM WhatsApp from this page.

Unlike other WhatsApp Mods where security and privacy are key concerns, this mod is 100% secure. All hidden codes have been removed from TM WhatsApp, so users no longer need to fear for their privacy while using the program.

TM Premium Apps WhatsApp contains direct download links to over 300 completely paid, premium Android applications that can be downloaded for free.

A link to join a WhatsApp group is also included within the software. Interact directly with WhatsApp’s developers and users globally. Share opinions and receive assistance via WhatsApp.

Manual Update

Automatic updates are removed indefinitely, providing the user with complete control over updates. Users only update the application when they have sufficient data bundle and at their own discretion.

Other mods claim to be free, but they contain embedded links that go to sites that need a monetary contribution from the mod’s creator. This is not the case with TM WhatsApp, which is entirely free.


While many other modifications may have trouble functioning on the most recent versions of Android, TM WhatsApp is compatible with all versions and operates smoothly with few glitches.

TM Whatsapp APK Screenshots

TM WhatsApp APK
TM Whatsapp APK
TM WhatsApp APK

Final Words

In my concluding remarks, I would like to define this software as a compact collection of creative programs. Features, security systems, and private policies contribute to Fouad Whatsapp’s outstanding success. Additionally, the nicest and most distinctive feature of this application is that you may effortlessly safeguard your data.

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