Everything You Need to Know About Cat Te Card GameNew88

Cat te New88.com is probably no longer a strange name to those who are passionate about online betting. Becoming a super product and a game that attracts money to bettors because of its simple gameplay but extremely high reward value. Follow New88’s article below to learn the basic information that any bettor needs to know if they want to win big!


Learn a bit about the card game CatteNew88

Cat teNew88, Sac Te or 6-card card game are all other names for the Cattle card game. This is probably a betting subject that is too familiar to those who are passionate about online betting. At the bookiesNew88, Cat Te is the game with the largest number of participating bettors today, even up to millions of visits per day. Originating from India, Cat Te still has rules and gameplay similar to traditional card games in our country.

Therefore, people of all ages, from experts to beginners, can also participate. A card game will have 5 to 6 players and use 52 Western cards in the game in 6 rounds. Currently at New88, you will be able to participate in two different forms: free or play for money. This is one of the outstanding advantages that helps the house receive a lot of love from bettors.

Therefore, for those of you who do not have much experience and confidence in betting, you can try playing to understand how to play and find effective playing methods for yourself.

Not only that, when participating in CatteNew88, you will be free to place bets, without any requirements. Because this playground does not set any limits on the amount of bets that players must bet. Therefore, depending on your preferences, ability and playing strategy, you choose the bet level that best suits you.

Learn the rules and how to play CatteNew88 exactly

When participating in any betting game, players must understand exactly how to play that game if they want to have many chances to win. InNew88, the publisher has developed a system of detailed and dedicated instructions on the rules and how to play Catte so that bettors can easily refer to it.

Learn general terminology when participating in the card game Catte

At each game of Catte card gameNew88 There are common terms that if you don’t understand, you definitely won’t have a chance to win. For every beginner, understanding these terms is extremely important and necessary:

  • White: In case the player owns 6 cards with a value less than 6, 6 cards of which 4 cards form a four-of-a-kind or 6 cards of the same suit, you will win without having to continue playing. .
  • Survival: When in the Cat te card gameNew88 After each round, the card with the highest value appears. The winner is the person who has the largest remaining hand in the final round.
  • Cards: In the first four rounds, the term “cards” refers to face-down cards because they cannot be combined with any other card.
  • Dead: Used to refer to players who do not have any remaining cards throughout the first 4 rounds.
  • Thang Tung: Used to refer to the final winner.

Instructions on the rules of playing the card game Catte in detail

The most important thing if you want to win every game of CatteNew88 You must understand the exact rules of the game below:
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  • Each game is limited to a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 players in the same game.
  • Each player will be dealt 6 random cards at the beginning of the game. Players must absolutely not reveal their cards to other players.
  • Each round of play, the player will have to play down 1 card. In one game you will have to go through 6 rounds of play.
  • The final winner is the person who owns the deck of cards with the highest value after finishing all 6 rounds.

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Learn about each round of Cat Te and how to compare cards after the end of the betting game

Although compared to the traditional way of playing cards, CatteNew88 The gameplay has been improved, but basically, players will still have to go through 6 different rounds as follows:

  • Round 1 to round 4: In the first round of play, the starter will play down 1 card. Then from the 2nd round, turn in counter-clockwise order. Note that the next player’s card must have a greater value than the previous player’s. In case you want to play a card with a lower value, the player must turn that card face down to save them for the next turn.
  • Round 5: In this round, only players who own remaining cards can continue to participate. The gameplay is similar to the first 4 rounds.
  • Round 6: All players must turn over their cards. Bai CatteNew88 Whoever’s has the greatest value wins.

Reasons why you should choose to play Cat Te card game atNew88

When joining CatteNew88, you not only carry out the betting process with the computer software, but at the same time participate directly with other bettors. Besides, you can also invite your friends or relatives to try together. In a betting community, there will be many interesting and exciting things. From there you can also learn more effective experiences.

Additionally, to help the process of joining CatteNew88 yours is smooth, there is no lag, the publisher has developed the appNew88 extremely convenient. Players just need to install the application on their mobile device and participate directly on it anytime, anywhere.

To accommodate all bettors, the appNew88 Compatible with all mobile devices and computers, from IMAC, IOS, Android, Microsoft operating systems, etc. Not only that, the publisher also continuously updates the application to bring players something new. and the most perfect experiences.

The house also regularly organizes many promotional events with great deals for players to choose from. Payout rate ofNew88 It is also highly rated at the top of the market today. Therefore, for those who want to make a lot of money, CatteNew88 is a gold mine for you to reap.

Some experience when playing Cat Te card game with expert standards

Although Cat TeNew88 The rules of the game are quite simple, however, if you want to win more chances to win bets, players need to pocket the following experiences:

  • You should focus and remember the cards that have been played to properly build the next moves.
  • Always know how to control your capital when participating in CatteNew88. You should start with a small bet, then gradually increase it.
  • Absolutely do not play all-in
  • Prepare yourself mentally to be calm so you can make accurate decisions in every situation.


The above article has compiled information for players that any bettor needs to know when participatingCat teNew88. Hopefully from there you can apply it into practice and win many big winning opportunities, bringing home many great rewards for yourself.

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