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Xender APK
App NameXender APK
AuthorXender Team
File Size20.5 MB
CategoryApps, Tools
RequirementAndroid 4.0+
Last Updated1 Day Ago
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Xender APK is a file-sharing tool for your Android device. It allows you to share content between mobile devices and computers. From business documents to holiday photos, it’s a great way to send content securely and efficiently across devices. Share with your coworkers, family, and friends without wasting quality or time.

Since its initial release on June 1, 2017, Xender has rapidly become one of the most popular apps on the market. In just a few months, they have millions of users. Popularity does not have to be a symbol of quality. Sometimes they are famous just because they are popular. Xender’s success is due to the quality and ease of use of the technology. It just makes the job better.

With this transfer app, you don’t need to be connected to Bluetooth or have the same internet connection. Xender has a unique Wi-Fi connection for high-speed live transmission. These wireless transmissions are powerful, and no data is used using this utility.


What is Xender APK?

Xender APK is a tool that enables surprisingly fast file transfer between Android devices. Xender is a great file transfer tool with an easy-to-use interface and incredible transfer speeds. Additionally, you can send files to up to five different devices at once. Sending and receiving files on other devices can be done on your Android device using Xender, an app that works without cables, internet, or Bluetooth.

Instead of using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, Accenture uses the NFC protocol for all devices involved in the transfer, ensuring that the transfer rate is 4-40 times faster than regular Bluetooth. With Xender, you can transfer almost anything from Android: contacts, files, photos, music, videos, and even apps.

Why is Xander so fast?

The Xender APK uses Wi-Fi Direct technology, which enables two devices to communicate via Wi-Fi (peer-to-peer), with one device acting as the Wi-Fi provider. Simply put, devices exchange data over local Wi-Fi points maintained by a device. Both devices do not need to support Wi-Fi Direct. One is sufficient, and the other can connect to this device in the same way as it connects to any other Wi-Fi access point.

A Great App To Transfer Files

The great thing about this application is not only because it has many features, but also because it supports different languages. These languages ​​include English, Arabic, Bengali, Traditional Mandarin, Hungarian, Greek, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Malay, Korean, Turkish, Thai, Hindi, Russian, Polish, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Vietnamese. So, we can say that the application we are talking about here is an application for all the locals. Isn’t that good?

With the availability of space for this technology, applications have emerged to take advantage of it. There are no family names yet and there are many file transfer apps to choose from. Of course, you can exclude anyone who still uses Bluetooth or other NFC technologies. Choosing between apps from the outside can be difficult: they all seem to work the same way!

While it is true that there are many applications that use local wireless connections to transfer files, it is possible to separate them if you dig a little deeper. Compared to other apps, Xender may seem simple. It has limited the scope of excellent file-sharing capabilities to a wide range of operating systems with multiple connections available. The program is only 4.5MB in size after the last update, which makes it easy to download.

How to Use Xender APK?

As mentioned earlier, Xender APK – File Transfer & Share for Android is very easy to use. To transfer files, start by clicking the red rectangular box in the app. Click Send and a hotspot will be created to connect to another device.

On another device, tap Receive in the app and turn on GPS to locate an available device. Click on the desired device and you can easily transfer whatever you want to send to others. It is as simple as you can imagine. So, it is worth your time to try it.

Once all the requirements are met (all the users are around and the app is installed), Xander begins its magic. You can transfer files between devices at the speed you want. All you have to do is create a transfer group and (obviously) be close to the user you want to transfer files to. This is very important: Xender only works if the person you want to transfer files to is nearby.

The key to the success of this application is not only the speed at which it can transfer files but also the functions it offers as a multi-platform program. Given the current divisions regarding the use of Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS operating systems, this app encourages compatibility between them all. All you need is the relevant version of your platform and the devices will connect automatically.

It comes with a very attractive function for Android users: if a friend of ours has an app that we really like, he can just share it with us by sending us the APK installation file. No personal details or activity data will be disclosed other than the original game package.


Xender APK has so many features. For your convenience we have given the features below:

  • Swipe and share your photos with your friends.
  • Send your videos to your friends or family at 40Mbps.
  • You can easily transfer apps from your friend’s phone to you with a single click.
  • It helps you view, transfer and delete your data or back up while clearing phone storage.
  • You can easily transfer data from an old mobile phone to a new mobile phone with one click.
  • You can share audio, image, video, document, or application files of any size without restriction.
  • Without any restrictions, you can share any necessary data such as documents, audios, photos, videos as well as apps.
  • Share your files with your friends or family at any time or place without any cable or network connection.
  • Act as a shared platform, support all types of devices, and easily share files between different playback devices.

Brief Features

  • Work Fast
  • File Manager
  • Transfer Data
  • Transfer Apps
  • Cross-Platform
  • Share Anything
  • Share Slide Pictures
  • Work Without Internet
  • Share Any Size of Files

Download and Install Xender APK For Android

It is very easy to download and install Xender APK on your android phone. You just need to download this app from here by clicking on the download button given above and follow some simple steps which are given below.

  • Download the APK file > Click on Open.
  • Click Settings > Allow installation from this source.
  • Click on Continue installation > Done.
  • The application will be ready for use.

Pros and Cons


  • Smart file-sharing that eliminates data usage.
  • Ability to access other users’ files without direct transfer.
  • Supports many different languages.


  • Both users need to have the Xender app on their phones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Words

If you are looking for a file-sharing app, use Xender APK. None of Xender’s functionality is worth sacrificing for some unnecessary bells and whistles. Similarly, some apps have moved into premium service options, advertising, or other monetization features. This may indicate that you can get more, but this is rare, at least not related to the main purpose of the app. For example, many applications have the built-in ability to add multiple connections to transfer to a premium service. Don’t love it! It’s free on Xender.

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