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Vanced MicroG APK
App NameMicroG APK
AuthorTeam Vanced
File Size11 MB
CategoryApps, Tools
RequirementAndroid 4.1+
Last Updated1 Day Ago
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MicroG APK

MicroG APK is a modified version of the official MicroG and is designed to be compatible with mod applications. MicroG replaces Google Play services and allows you to use apps that require Google Libraries to prevent them from sharing your data with the company.

MicroG is designed for Android users only because our modes cannot replace the official modes. This is not a problem with rooted devices, and a different procedure must be followed to install them.

How Can We Use MicroG APK?

Want to sign in to YouTube Vansed with your Google Account? If so, you’ll need to install Vanced MicroG APK on your Android device to get account subscriptions, playlists, and more.

An essential app for Vanced users who use our services like YT Vanced and Vanced Music. Without it, you won’t get the full benefits we offer right now. Therefore, we request you to get the latest version of the APK file from this official page.

Why was MicroG APK Created?

MicroG is an open-source alternative that acts as a bridge between the infrastructure framework that serves as a bridge between different applications and Android. If you install Play Services or install updates, you may encounter issues with the Play Store and Google Apps such as YouTube, Chrome, etc.

This will give you Google’s approval of our YouTube edits. The main goal of the MicroG project is to get rid of the traditional Google Play services on Android devices and help us use important Google services like Gmail, Play Store, etc.


To continue using the various tools offered by the company, we can take advantage of MicroG, an alternative to the official application that allows us to use it as if you have installed Google Libraries. They are, and very few of them need them.

The benefits of using this type of app have a lot to do with our privacy, which has been enhanced because Google will not monitor Google. It also improves battery life, which is especially important for older devices.

How Can We Download Vanced?

  • Select your preferred topic and click “Next”.
  • Select your preferred language and click Finish.
  • Vanced Manager will be downloaded and when it is ready, you will press “Install”.


  • Maps API: For applications that use the Maps service.
  • GsfProxy: A tool for accessing Google Cloud Messaging.
  • Phones: To access the Google Play Store and update apps.
  • Integrated NLP: A library that provides a geographic location for Wi-Fi networks or phone-based antennas.
  • GMS Core Services: A library that provides connectivity for applications that require Google Play Services or the Google Maps API.

Download and Install MicroG APK For Android

Before installing this app on your device, make sure to enable unknown sources from the settings of your device.

  • Download the latest version of Vanced Manager on your Android device from here.
  • Install and open the app.
  • Make sure “No Root” is selected during the initial configuration wizard.
  • Click “Install” next to MicroG.
  • Follow the instructions to allow installation from unknown apps.
  • MicroG will download and then you’ll press “Install” when you’re ready.
  • Next, click “Install” next to Vanced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Words

There’s no doubt that MicroG APK is a very useful mod. It is completely safe to install and use Google Play Services such as Microg Works to log in. Additionally, to install the non-rooted version, you must have Microcore/Google Play Services on your device to be able to log in with MicroG. We’re glad to see the community improve its features from time to time. It’s easy to use and you get access to a number of interesting add-ons to your YouTube viewing experience.

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