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Titanium TV APK
App NameTitanium TV
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CategoryApps, Entertainment
RequirementAndroid 4.0+
Last Updated1 Day Ago
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Titanium TV is an online TV watching app that allows you to watch TV shows online on your phone. It can be easily downloaded and installed on any Android device, smart TV, and even set-top box to continue the endless stream of content and entertainment. There are many movies and TV shows available to you. It is of the highest quality.

It’s easy to find your favorite video content on Titanium TV. It is safe and you do not need to connect your device. Titanium TV also takes care of user privacy. You don’t even need to register your account or provide any personal information. In just a few steps, you can download this app and enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows and sports shows absolutely free.

Easy access to high-speed internet connections in our mobile devices has made it easier than ever to stream your favorite movies and TV shows with the push of a button, thanks to apps like Titanium TV.  All you have to do is download Titanium TV on your Android device and enjoy Fire TV and Firestick content for free.


Titanium TV APK

Titanium TV APK is a great app to stream movies, TV shows, and series for Android. It has a huge variety of content from around the world. There are many types to choose from. You can watch them on your Android devices whenever you want. It is like any other popular streaming platform. The only difference is that you don’t have to pay a single penny. There are no hidden costs or in-app purchases to spoil your viewing experience.

It provides the best quality content in the easiest way. This app is not only available on Google Play Store or App Store because it is against their standards. Also, if there are such apps, then the big streaming apps will not be able to earn money. But don’t worry, you can download this app from here.

Features Of Titanium TV

Streaming platforms are very advanced nowadays. Designed with the audience in mind. Every detail and feature has been carefully selected and crafted to provide the best mobile viewing experience. Titanium TVs are no exception. It has been designed with many useful features that will surely make the users happy. Here are the features:

High-Quality Movie Experience

Titanium TV supports streaming videos and movies in HD and 4K quality. This is definitely a feature to look forward to, as most of the free movie players or other movie apps only allow you to watch in HD quality.

Offline Download

Reduce the number of views of an interesting TV show or movie on YouTube, only you can do. Users cannot upload everything to YouTube because they have the copyright and you can always save the videos for offline use.

With Titanium TV, you can freely download any TV show or movie that you want to enjoy later! You do not need to complete the tourist sites or any offers before downloading. Just select the videos you want to save and then download them.

Discover Movies

Titanium TV has a huge collection of content, which is always updated and added every week by the developers of the latest movies. There are thousands of free programs, TV shows, movies, and music. Are you looking for spy movies, sci-fi, comedy, fantasy, history, mystery, drama, music, war, or comedy? You can find it through the menu displayed on the main screen through the application.

No Need to Wait

We always check our phones when we’re expecting a new episode of an upcoming TV show or movie. With Titanium TV, you no longer have to wait for new videos to arrive. Titanium TV has a notification feature that notifies you of new videos you have been expecting! This way, you won’t have to check them constantly, you’ll hear good news right now.

User Interface

Minimal interfaces with movie titles and genres are shown as tags. When you click on a movie, you can see more detailed information, including details, ratings, actors, banners, and trailers. If you’ve used Netflix, this sounds very familiar.

It is a simple design, but it contains all the information a user would need to know about a movie or TV show. In the interface, you can see the horizontally sorted categories. You can swipe up or click on View More to get more content.


We always like to watch English movies. However, we do not always understand what they are saying, especially to non-native speakers. This is the purpose of translation, it enables us to understand what the actors are saying, even if they are not speaking out loud. You can download the desired translations directly from the app! There is no need for third-party websites to give you more time.

Watched Videos

Don’t you hate it when you don’t know what the last episode of your show is? Then, will you always have to find it manually and waste precious time? Don’t worry – Titanium TV has a feature that marks videos watched for your convenience!


Want to watch the most popular movies or shows right now? Maybe the most playable? Or do you want to see the latest? Whatever you’re looking for, Titanium TV sorts all the content into categories! This makes it easier for users to browse large archives of videos. Plus, you’ll get videos that match your interests!

Download and Install Titanium TV For Android

If you are looking for a safe way to get your favorite movies and TV shows on Fire TV and Firestick, then the best source is Titanium TV APK. You can watch them online or download them on Fire TV and Firestick. It gives you unlimited entertainment, even for free. So download the app and enjoy HD movies with the best sound quality. Follow these simple steps which

  • Firstly, to avoid any conflicts please uninstall the older version of Titanium TV APK.
  • Go to the download button and download the latest version of Titanium TV.
  • Finally, click on the APK setup file and follow the default steps to complete the installation.

In this way, you can download and install this app on your device without any problem. So, get the app and start enjoying it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Words

It’s easy to find your favorite video content on Titanium TV. It is safe and you do not need to connect your device. It also takes care of user privacy. You don’t even have to register or provide any personal information. All you have to do is download this APK on your Android device from this site right now and enjoy the content for free.

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