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ReBrawl APK
App NameReBrawl 
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RequirementAndroid 4.0+
Last Updated1 Day Ago
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ReBrawl APK

ReBrawl APK is a private Brawl Stars server that lets you play games with unlimited resources as well as other new features. It is developed and edited by a small team of SuperCell Games fans.
Supercell is a highly successful multiplayer video game development company.

With Fighting Stars, the studio hit the jackpot once again, creating a 3v3 online multiplayer action game that connects millions of players around the world. While the original game is great and irreplaceable, Rebrawl is full of fun thanks to new characters, skins, and maps implemented following community suggestions.

How Can We Play ReBrawl APK?

Download and install this game on your Android phone. After that, launch it on your phone and enter your username. You have to select multiple game modes or events. Therefore, after selecting the desired event, click on “Find Players” to play with.

This is a 3v3 online multiplayer games app. So, find your opponents as well as your allies because it will take some time to find them. Then you can start playing with your opponent. You can complete more iterations and challenges to unlock levels or events.


Let’s talk about the features of this game. Take a look at these features and understand them.

Great Graphics & Controls

The best part is that the graphics stay almost the same so it feels like you’re playing the original game. The developers have done a great job of upgrading a beloved game into something more!

Get Unlimited Sources

In real games, you have to win games or spend real money to buy things to get resources, but this is not the case with private servers like ReBrawl. This server, which has nothing to do with Supercell, provides the user with a gaming experience similar to Brawl Stars but has been modified in some aspects, such as unlimited resources and other modifications that affect the aesthetics of the characters.

3v3 Multiplayer

Matches are not played on SuperCell servers, so there is no risk of being banned, but remember that other users have the same benefits as you. So if you want to discover this 3v3 multiplayer action game then don’t think twice and download ReBrawl Classic for Android.

Different Versions

ReBrawl Mods is a new and improved version of the Brawl Stars game. But here, there are 3 different versions and servers that you can connect to. The first is Rebrawl Classic, which is very similar to the original game with only minor improvements.

As this game is not far from the original, it is one of the best downloadable games for beginners who are looking for something new. But if you want something extreme, you should try ReBrawl bots.

There are loads of crazy stuff like robots, superhero banner charlatans, and more. Finally, there is ReBrawl Legacy, which is a combination of the previous two versions. It is mostly used for people who have old Android devices.

New Skins

In all the above versions there are new skins that you can get that are not available in the original game. Skins like Honeycomb Daryl, Mario Racer Karl, Ballet Shelley, and more. They are all fun because they offer something unique.

The best part is that you do not need to unlock it because once you download the game, it will be easily available to you.

Custom Maps

This game contains many interesting custom maps created by developers for you. These are in addition to the normal maps that you can find in the actual game. You can play unique games like Exotic Islands, Retropolis Park, Grassy Forest, Paradise Falls, and more. Plus, unlike the original game, you’re not limited to any one map here. Play to your heart’s content and have fun with your friends!

100 Free Games

The best thing about Rebrawl Mods is that it’s 100% free to download and play! No need to pay for jewelry or coins. In this way, you can enjoy this game with more fun and no problem.

Level Up all to the Max

If you’re having trouble unlocking all brawlers in brawl stars, you don’t need to go back to brawl mode anymore! Here, you can use anyone sparring simultaneously and at their maximum level.

This means that all competitors are already at their best and you don’t need to spend any gems or resources to match them, despite the unlimited resources.

Download and Install ReBrawl APK For Android

  • Go to the top of this page.
  • Click the download button, and it will be automatically downloaded to your mobile phone.
  • Update your Android device configuration to “Accept downloads from unknown/third party sources”.
  • Once you find the downloaded APK on your Android device, click Run APK.
  • When you have done this, you will be asked for permission to install. Agree to all terms and conditions if any and install the APK successfully.
  • After a successful installation, you should be able to find the app on your Android device.

Frequently Asked Questions

ReBrawl APK is a great app in this category. This is a safe app for Android devices. So if you like the app, make sure to leave your comment in the comments section below and share our website with your friends and relatives so that they can enjoy the amazing app for free. Download it from here right now for Android and enjoy a fun game on private servers.

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