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MegaBox HD APK
App NameMegaBox HD
AuthorMegaBox HD
File Size2.5 MB
CategoryApps, Entertainment
RequirementAndroid 3.0+
Last Updated1 Day Ago
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MegaBox HD APK

MegaBox HD APK is a free movie and TV series service for Android, where you can watch hundreds of titles of all genres and ages via live streaming on your device. It is an app that allows you to enjoy hundreds of movies and TV shows on your Android device.

In addition, in each category, you will be able to filter results based on popularity, latest releases, and positive user reviews. Of course, you’ll also choose if you want to use the search bar to search for a specific movie or TV show.

The interface on Mega Box HD is very intuitive. Inside the dropdown bar on the left, you will have easy access to movies and TV shows. You have to choose whether you want to download or stream it. This way, you can choose whether you want to display your content in 360p, 720p, or 1080p.

What Can We Do Using MegaBox HD?

This app provides us free movies and tv series services similar to other free movies where we can find a list of content including movies and episodes of our favorite shows. We are talking about an application that allows us to access all the topics through links to external services without hosting anything. With the latter, they can view content online or download it for offline viewing.

How Can We Use MegaBox HD?

MegaBox HD is a great app that allows you to watch movies and series. The biggest drawback is that the launcher does not allow subtitles in this application. Fortunately, the app allows you to play any content using another app like MX Player or VLC, for example.

When you click on a movie or TV show, its poster appears with a short summary of its content. On the Video tab, you will see all the available options which usually include links for different image quality (from 360p to 1080p). Here you will also get a sign if you want to watch it in streaming mode or download it later.


IMDb Rating Tool

If you’re a bit like us, you’ll agree that you rely heavily on IMDB before watching any content you haven’t heard of. In this case, we prefer an app that has a rating feature built-in, so we don’t have to search for ratings on Google. Megabox HD gives you content details with its built-in IMDb rating tool, so you don’t have to search for it.

Video Standards

You are free to choose the standard by which you want to watch the movie or TV show. You can choose from three options based on your internet connection. This way, you can choose between 360P, 720P, and 1080P. Depending on the data you have, you can choose a different standard.

I’d like to enjoy F.R.I.E.N.DS on Thursday night or The Big Bang Theory on Monday night. Well, it’s not a dream anymore. With this app, you can schedule shows by marking the content on your calendar.

Simply enter the required materials on a specific date and it will remind you of your initial plans. Isn’t that good? Because most of the time, when we are in a dilemma of what to watch, we don’t have a definitive answer and only waste 10-15 minutes thinking about what to look for.

No Buffering

Megabox HD is designed with user interest in mind. Cloud storage helps keep all your TV shows, movies, documentaries, and other content in one place. Since the content is stored securely on servers, you can enjoy extremely fast streaming services, including TV shows and movies, thanks to the excellent convenience of cloud storage.

Quick Updates

As mentioned earlier, the developers of MegaBox HD are constantly updating the application with new TV series and movies. It allows you to watch the latest and greatest TV shows and movies for free. Not only that, with each update comes a user interface that is very user-friendly and catches your attention. Once you get used to Mega Box, it will be on your Android phone for a long time.

Share Videos

This can be a common feature in streaming apps. However, this is not the case in every application. If you want to share any particular content with your friends, you can share it directly from the MegaBox HD app. The sharing process is completely hassle-free.

Download and Install MegaBox HD APK For Android

You need to follow simple steps to download and install Mega Box HD on your Android device. Please follow the steps carefully.

  • Download Megabox HD Apk on your device from the link we provided you.
  • After downloading Mega Box HD, if you haven’t done so before, click on APK and Settings to allow the installation of third-party APK from unknown sources.
  • Then give permission, install Megabox HD.
  • After installation, open the APK and follow all the steps required by the APK.
  • Now, enjoy using MegaBox HD for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Words

Megabox HD’s interface is very simple and easy to use. It comes with a user-friendly interface that allows us to easily click on all the content that can be viewed in three different quality standards: 360p, 720p, and 1080p. You can find everything in this category, along with other information from the IMDb website. Inside the drop-down bar on the left, you’ll have easy access to TV shows and movies.

In addition, in each category, you’ll find search results based on the latest releases, popularity, and user reviews. You can use the search bar to search for a specific movie or TV show.

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