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KingRoot APK
App NameKingRoot 
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CategoryApps, Tools
RequirementAndroid 2.3+
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KingRoot APK

KingRoot APK is an app that enables you to connect your Android device in seconds. This app can root your Android phone or tablet with just one click. This is the easiest and fastest way to become a superuser, as long as the operating system is between Android 4.2 and Android 5.1. This means you can get the same results as if you were using a classic towel root.

KingRoot is a native tool for “lazy people” who just want to root but don’t want to turn a third-party recovery into their dreaded tool. It is a great way to connect your Android device. However, dismantling a tool is always a delicate process, so you should tread lightly and be aware of the dangers involved.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is a technical term for what is known as “unlocking” your Android device and that you have full administrative rights to access your Android smartphone or tablet. This is what “jailbreak” means for iOS devices. By powering up your Android phone or tablet, you get “SuperUser” permission and the right to take full control of your device.

Why Was KingRoot APK Created?

With a “rooted” Android device, you can customize anything from blocking ads or removing Bluetooth to making your device faster or saving battery more efficiently. To root your Android phone, you can use a popular and recommended root tool in the market called “King Root”. With KingRoot, you can easily turn your phone or tablet into a rooted device.

Rooting capabilities can improve and enhance root security, allowing users to efficiently obtain root permissions and better manage app permissions. In the booting process, King Root can prevent this process from being hijacked and auto-booting a large number of programs. It allows users to easily manage program startup behavior. Clear the phone’s runtime environment, and make sure the phone runs smoothly when connected.

How Can We Root Our Devices?

The rooting process is just as simple as that of Tollrot. Although the app is entirely in Chinese, all you have to do is tap on the blue button and wait. After a few seconds, the app completes the process and your device is connected.

The best root strategy will be deployed from the cloud to your device as per your ROM information. Therefore, it is important to maintain the network connection during the routing process.

It is important to note that KingRoot does not work with all devices. For example, with the Moto G, you might have some issues. But with Nexus, it usually works perfectly.

What Can We Do With KingRoot APK?

The first thing we can do is increase the standby time and save our battery power. By clearing apps that insist on running in the background, we can save RAM for you and allow your device to run faster than ever before!

In addition, for applications that use more than the average amount of RAM, they can run smoothly even after the purification mode is applied. PURIFY can also help you store notifications and provide a clean notification bar.


These are the features given in the KingRoot APK. You must need to read these features to use this app on your device.

  • It is the most reliable equipment.
  • In addition, it supports more devices than any other device.
  • The most popular and most downloaded one-click root tool for Android.
  • KingRoot supports a total of 104,136 models. Other apps aren’t even close.
  • It is updated frequently to support new models and add various features over previous versions.
  • This app rooted 98.2% of all devices that downloaded it and tried to root their device. This is the highest success rate in the industry.
  • This app has the ability to root the device without a computer.
  • It takes only a few seconds to properly recognize and connect to any Android device.
  • If the rooted device is not easy for you, you can easily root your device at any time.
  • This APK will provide a full one-touch root process with a zip AP file.

Download and Install Kingroot APK For Android

  • Download the APK file from the download button in the page above.
  • Open the APK file using your default file manager.
  • If your device shows “Installed blocked” or something like that, go to Settings > Security > and there you can check the “Unknown sources” box.
  • Now, open the app.
  • In the window, you will see “Start Root” or “Fix Now”.
  • Click on Fix Now and wait for a while. It takes time to connect your device.
  • If your device is compatible, it will disconnect after a few minutes.
  • If connected successfully, you will see the “Connect” screen, which means that your device is connected successfully.
  • Now you can enjoy all the features of rooting your Android system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Words

KingRoot APK is an app that will help you root your Android device. It is a root access tool but it doesn’t want to flash any third-party recovery. You do not need to be an advanced user to use this app. All you have to do is connect your device successfully and activate all privileges with just one click. Once you add a click, it can also provide security and rights to manage more features.

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