Instructions on how to play Tam Cuc for new players

How to play Tam Chrysanthemum is something that many people are interested in today. This game is loved because of its highly entertaining betting style and big rewards. For your best experience, please follow the same rules New88. From there, apply it to the playing process to have a chance to win high rewards.
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Tam chrysanthemum is a traditional, folk game originating from China. This game has been introduced to the Vietnamese market, especially the North of our country. The game rules are based on a deck of 32 cards including red and black. They are divided in order from high to low as follows: General (将) > Soldier (士) > Elephant (像) > Rook (車) > Cannon (砲) > Horse (馬) > Good (卒).

When participating, there must be a minimum of 2 people, a maximum of 4 people and they must compete against each other. They compete by playing corresponding cards. The condition for a valid post is to have a corresponding value. Just like that until the last round, both players’ cards are all trash, and if they have the most pairs, they win. The first place winner will receive a bonus based on the scoreboard determined by the house. 

Details on how to play tam chrysanthemum according to the rules

Different from regular card games, Tam Cuc uses a unique type of card. They are represented by drawings and Chinese characters with their own values, so players need to remember them. At the same time, the way of playing cards also needs to be based on a principle to ensure validity. Include:

Rules for the cards in the three chrysanthemums

The cards in tam chrysanthemum are clearly and transparently regulated according to a separate rule. Thereby, bettors need to learn and remember these cards. Thanks to that, you can deposit money much more effectively and easily. Specifically includes:

  • General: The card has a picture of a flag on the back of a chair with the symbol 将.
  • Soldier: There is the character 士 and an image of a mandarin wearing a dragon-winged hat and a child standing with his arms crossed. 
  • Elephant: The elephant has two cards with the symbol 像 on the cards. 
  • Rook: The symbol is 車 with a horse of the same color. 
  • Cannon pieces: They have a cannon shape of the same color as the 砲 symbol on the card. 
  • Knight: A card shaped like a horse of the same color as the Chinese character 馬 on the card. 
  • Pawn: A card with a soldier holding a knife with the symbol 卒 on the body.

How to arrange card combinations in three daisies

Players who own three chrysanthemum cards in their hands need to clearly understand how to pair them. They carry separate values ​​to compare with each other, creating a certain level. Specifically, the order is as follows:
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  • Duo: Includes two cards of the same color, same name such as black cannon or pink cart.
  • Triad: They are made up of military generals, statues, chariots, horses or chariot statues,…
  • Tu Tu: This is a combination consisting of four pawns of the same color.
  • Five of Four: Includes five good cards of the same color in the card you matched. 
  • Odd leaves: Leaves that cannot be put together stand alone. They need to be exhausted, if kept, the card has a high risk of losing.

Bet progress 

At the beginning, the house will determine the number of members participating in the betting table. If it is 2 people, each person receives 16 cards, 3 people deal 9 cards and 4 people receive 8 cards. The randomly assigned person gets to play first with a value of one card, two cards or three cards. The next member plays the corresponding card according to the same rank condition. In particular, they must be able to pair up in order to be considered valid. 

When the player has played the card, it is the turn of the person next to him to pair. In the final round, those who have not been eliminated will compare with each other.  Whoever has the highest card value will receive the win and bonus from the dealer. 

Rules for calculating points in the card game Tam Cuc

The score of the tam chrysanthemum card game is determined based on the number of pairs of combinations. The more you combine, the higher the bonus will be and vice versa. Below is the transcript including the following:

  • Double hand: Doubles 12 points, threes 18 points, fours and fives 24 points, red pawn over black pawn rewards 48 points. 
  • Three-hand: Doubles get 6 points, threes get 9 points, black pawns, four-twins, five-twins get 12 points, red pawns over black pawns get 24 points.
  • Four hand: Pairing gives 4 points, making a three is 6 points, making a black pawn with a four tutu receives 8 points, a red pawn crushing a black pawn rewards 16 points. 


From the information about how to play tam dai that New88 shared, players clearly understand the rules. It can be said that this game is somewhat new and not easy if you spend money based on emotions. So learn carefully about the rules to avoid unnecessary mistakes. At the same time, it increases the chance of winning, helping to collect the bonus as expected. Update How to play seahorse chess details to participate in highly effective investment.

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