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DraStic DS Emulator APK is a Nintendo DS Emulator app developed by Exophase. In case you didn’t know, Nintendo DS was Nintendo’s favorite video game console. Nintendo DS, short DS, dual-screen portable game console.

Enjoy the full DraStic DS Emulator APK experience with your Android devices whenever and wherever you want. Make use of the extensive and in-depth settings available in the app to further improve gameplay changes and customization. And of course, feel free to use the app’s many interesting features that will make the gameplay more interesting than the actual Nintendo DS experience.


DraStic DS Emulator APK

DraStic DS Emulator APK is a Nintendo DS emulator app for your Android smartphone. It allows you to play and enjoy console titles on your mobile device, customize the layout, and control your screen. It also works with hardware controllers, and its high graphics display is a plus.

This is a very popular video game and it was sold in the United States on November 24, 2004. The device has two LCD screens that work in parallel at the same time, especially with the built-in touch screen below, so you can use touch controls or buttons on the sides of the screen to play games.

It is definitely a great mobile app for you so that you can rip your favorite DS games easily. Here, you can enjoy thousands of different Nintendo games available exclusively on their gaming platform. Go on amazing adventures with tons of exciting mobile games that have made the platform popular.


Best Emulator

From the start, Android gamers will have access to the best Nintendo DS emulator apps in Drastic DS Emulator APK. Millions of users around the world have tried the app and enjoy playing their favorite games at any moment.

Drastic DS Emulator provides full compatibility for all available DS games released for the platform. More importantly, it will provide a lot of fun and satisfying gameplay with modern visuals, and dozens of interesting settings that you can find in each of your games.

HD Graphics

When you dive into any of the exciting game experiences on any of your DS titles, Drastic DS Emulator APK will offer even better graphics than the actual gameplay on your DS. This is because the original mobile device offered a resolution of 256 x 192 pixels on only two screens.

With the latest smartphone hardware, you can easily double or triple that resolution on your screen using some of the settings provided for the app.


Drastic DS Emulator APK also offers amazing audio options that allow you to easily customize the audio quality in the game. That way, it allows it to match your hardware and puts less pressure on the system if your games are running slow.

On the other hand, for those of you who are interested in pure and entertaining original sounds through imitation, the app also provides many great audio options for you to pick up and enjoy.

App Customization

Start your normal gameplay by freely diving into the exciting app interface of each of your DS titles. Feel free to use the customization and display space available in the app to see how you got into the game.

Choose from portrait and landscape modes to align both screens vertically or horizontally, respectively. Or tap when you have great experiences in the game to make it smaller and bigger.

Easy Controls

The game allows players to fully customize the controls in each of their games. As such, it makes your gaming experience more fun and exciting. Resize your buttons and controllers in different options.

For those who are interested, you can use external controllers that are readily available to enjoy more gaming. Enjoy your physical consoles and get the full customization on the app.

In addition to the regular console, the app will also have a unique fast forward button on each of your DS games. Here, you can quickly access the speed options in the app. Depending on some of your settings, you can enjoy the fast-moving features in the app. Feel free to change your gameplay with just one tap with different speed settings.

Access to Save Files

For those of you who are interested, Drastic DS Emulator APK also provides complete and easy access to save files as you progress. However, you can easily save while playing states. Record and play these images whenever you want to enjoy the most amazing simulation experiences with the Drastic DS Emulator APK.

Cheat Codes

To make your gaming experience even more interesting, Drastic DS Emulator APK also allows Android players to use the cool chat code feature. Here, you can easily replace game data with your hexes and give your characters any benefits. Change the game and customize your gaming experience.

Most importantly, with a huge database of cheat codes for Drastic DS Emulator, you can easily access all kinds of interesting types for each of your games.

Saved Progress

In addition, to further protect game progress, Android players can access the online synchronization of their games, which is stored in the Drastic DS emulator. Here, you can easily upload your saved states to Google Drive. Feel free to download them whenever you want.

Download and Install DraStic DS Emulator APK For Android

The process is really easy. Click on the link above the article to download your file. Make sure the Unknown sources option is enabled, then open the downloaded file and install it. All it takes is a few seconds!

Final Words

DraStic DS Emulator is a great app for anyone who loves games from the DS series. This is a great emulator that lets you enjoy your childhood playing Nintendo DS games. Everything is smooth even when using a low-end Android device. Not only are there lots of great features, but there are no ads in the app. With thousands of great DS games, you’ll never find yourself getting bored with this great app.

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