AVG Cleaner Pro APK v6.1.1- Download For Android

AVG Cleaner Pro APK
App NameAVG Cleaner Pro APK
AuthorAVG Mobile
File Size22 MB
CategoryApps, Tools
RequirementAndroid 4.4+
Last Updated1 Day Ago
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AVG Cleaner Pro APK is an effective program to remove junk files from APK and optimize your Android phone. Sometimes, mobile phone manufacturers install default trash-cleaning apps. But it’s not good enough. That’s the only reason you need a better tool.


AVG Cleaner Pro APK

AVG Cleaner Pro APK is a very popular android app all over the world. If your phone is running slow, then this medium cleaner is for you. Because this app cleans and smoothes the junk files and files on your android device.

If you are a smartphone user, you will always be looking for ways to improve the use of your device in different ways. The app was introduced today to help you get Junk Cleaner, Memory & RAM Booster. So in one application, you will find many valuable functions to improve capacity, battery, and much more. It can be said that this is the right application for you.

Features Of AVG Cleaner Pro APK

Talking about the features of AVG Cleaner Pro APK, all the features are amazing. But if we talk about all the features in one post, then this post will be very long. The purpose of our post is to download AVG Cleaner Pro. Therefore, we will tell you only those very important features that you should know. You will know the rest of the features after using this app.

Cache Cleaner

Almost all Android phone users are aware of cache files. While running any application on the phone. Currently, the Android operating system continues to create cache files in the background and save them to the phone storage.

To avoid these problems, it is necessary to delete the cache files. The best thing about AVG Cleaner Pro APK is that you get a built-in cache cleaner in this app, and it’s free too.

Media and File Cleaner

Sometimes the same file, photo, or video is saved twice on the phone. Because the phone’s storage space gets filled up unnecessarily. In this case, your phone will be turned off and you will not be able to download any other necessary apps. But if you download AVG Cleaner Premium APK on your phone then all dual files will be deleted from your phone.

Battery Saver and Optimizer

All users want their phone battery to last longer. Keeping this in mind, the developers have used AVG Cleaner APK for battery savers and optimizers in the app. If you download this app, you don’t need any other app to save battery charge.


Is your phone running out of RAM due to low RAM? If so, then let us tell you that with the help of Avg Cleaner Pro APK, you can increase the RAM of your phone. By doing this your phone will run faster and close the apps running in the background.

Set and Forget

In a busy life, everyone is busy with their work. People find it difficult to find time for themselves and their families. As technology makes things easier, people become more involved in life.

In that case, if you get some time, then you would not want to spend your time cleaning your mobile RAM and speeding up your phone. In this situation, AVG Cleaner APK will be very useful for you because once you download it, it will do all the work automatically once you set it up.

Briefly Described Features

  • Dealing with junk cache running in RAM.
  • Browse and scan media files or documents larger than 5MB.
  • Clear browsing history, clipboard, email access history, Google Play.
  • We recommend users delete apps that are rarely used or never used.
  • Completely close apps that require a lot of memory to perform their tasks.
  • Clear unnecessary history of outgoing calls, incoming calls, and missed calls.
  • Browse and remove apps that are using too much storage, RAM, battery, or data plan.
  • It automatically detects unnecessary apps, allowing users to delete them in the notification panel of the device itself.

Download and Install AVG Cleaner Pro APK

  • Download AVG Cleaner Pro APK from above.
  • Tap on the APK file that you have downloaded from the above link.
  • It will ask you to enable Unknown sources.
  • After enabling it, tap on the download APK again.
  • Install and open the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Words

Clear your phone to free up storage space, help it run smoother and faster, and increase its speed and efficiency. Get rid of spam, clear cache, increase memory, delete bad, duplicate or duplicate photos to have more storage space for apps, photos, and more. If you haven’t downloaded this app yet, I suggest you give it a try.

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